Laser Power Meter With Thermopile Sensor

laser power meter
  Large, bright, backlit LCD display
  Wide range and high precision measurement
  Connect with PC
     Data recording, statistics and mean function, drawing
     the trend picture using sampling software
  Long-term stable measurement
  Built-in rechargeable battery, long standby time
  Easy to operate
 TS series
       TS35 (10mW-35W)
       TS50 (10mW-50W)
       TS 100 (15mW-100W)
  Wavelength range: 0.19-25µm
  Power range:2mW-100W
    (2W/5W/15W/35W/50W/100W selectable)
  Thermopile with high damage threshold
    (Max. average power density: 40kW/cm2 )
 Max. Intermittent measuring time: 
     8min (at 50W)
  Sensitivity diameter ≥ 22mm
e laser power meter

Opto Engine LLC offers laser power meters, laser measurement sensors and instruments up to 100W. 

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