RGB Lasers

Multi color lasers, Ideal for laser show system integration and optogenitics stimulation

RG Laser/ Yellow Laser system

rg laser 3 color

 635nm /532nm
 655nm /532nm
 671nm /532nm




 640nm /532nm /447nm  RGB-S/1~1000mW



RGB Laser /White Laser system

rgb laser635

 635nm /532nm /473nm

 655nm /532nm /473nm
 671nm /532nm /473nm
 532nm /473nm /589nm
 532nm /473nm /593.5nm




 GBY-589/ 1~1600mW

 GBY-593.5/ 1~1600mW

Our ultra compact, long lifetime, low cost and easy to operate RG Laser systems and RGB Laser Systems are widely utilized in instrument, spectrum analysis, measurement, optogenitics stimulation, physics experiments and laser show fields. TTL/Analog modulation and OEM driver available, plug and play.

Various of wavelength combinations ( Dual wavelength laser, triple wavelength laser) and power output in different packages upon request.Customization available in 5 to 6 weeks.

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