Lasers for Raman Spectroscopy

Single longitudinal mode and narrow spectrum linewidth lasers are ideal for Raman Spectroscopy.

UV lasers: 257nm, 261nm, 320nm and 360nm etc.

Visibale lasers: 405nm, 457nm, 473nm, 488nm, 514.5nm, 532nm, 633nm and 660nm etc.

IR lasers: 785nm, 808nm, 830nm, 980nm and 1064nm etc.

The selection of laser wavelength has a significant impact on sensitivity and spatial resolution of Raman experiments. Raman scattering intensity is proportional to λ-4 where λ is the laser wavelength. Thus, the shorter the laser wavelength, the better the sensitivity. The diffraction limited laser spot diameter can be calculated according to the equation, diameter = 1.22 λ  /  NA (where λ is the wavelength of the laser, and NA is the numerical aperture of the microscope objective being used). For given microscope objective, shorter laser wavelength offers better spatial resolution.

Wavelength Range  Central Wavelength PDF Data Sheets Typical Linewidth (nm) Highlights
Ultraviolet 257 nm MPL-N-257/ 0.1~4uJ/ 1~15mW 0.1 Ideal for resonance Raman on bio-molecules (such as proteins, DNA, and RNA), and fluorescence suppression.
261 nm UV-F-261/ 1~5mW 0.1
320 nm UV-F-320/ 1~20mW 0.1
360 nm

UV-F-360/ 1~100mW

MSL-FN-360/ 1~50mW



Visible 405 nm

MDL-E-405/ 1~150mW

FC-D-405/ 1~100mW

0.03 Ideal for inorganic materials and resonance Raman experiments (e.g., for carbon nanotubes and other carbon materials) and surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS).
457 nm MSL-FN-457/ 1~400mW 0.003 / 0.00001
473 nm MSL-FN-473/ 1~100mW 0.003 / 0.00001
488 nm MDL-E-488/ 1~70mW 0.03
514.5 nm FC-D-514.5/ 1~30mW 0.03
532 nm MSL-FN-532/ 1~400mW 0.003 / 0.00001
633 nm FC-D-633/1~100mW 0.03
660 nm FC-D-660/1~200mW 0.03
Near Infrared 785 nm FC-D-785/1~450mW 0.2 / 0.1 Ideal for fluorescence suppression, high output power.
808 nm FC-D-808/1~450mW 0.03
830 nm FC-D-830/1~100mW 0.03
980 nm FC-D-980/1~450mW 0.06
1064 nm MSL-III-1064/ 1~1000mW
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