Lasers and fiber couplers as Optogenetics equipment

blue laser green laser yellow laser red laser fc coupler
Following lasers are widely utilized in Optogenetics (in vivo and in vitro) research as Optogenetics light sources.    
Laser power available from 10mW to several watts.

Green lasers: 532nm laser, 505nm laser, 510nm laser, 515nm laser, 520nm laser and 543nm laser 

Yellow lasers: 556nm laser, 561nm laser, 577nm laser, 589nm laser and 593.5nm laser

Red lasers: 633nm laser, 635nm laser, 637nm laser, 640nm laser, 671nm, 680nm laser and 721nm laser etc.

IR Lasers: 785nm, 808nm, 830nm, 845nm, 940nm, 980nm, 1064nm and up to 3800nm lasers etc.

UV Lasers: 257nm, 261nm, 266nm, 303nm, 320nm, 355nm, 360nm, 375nm and 395nm lasers etc. 


For Optogenetics application, following options are available: 

  • BNC connector on back of power supply offers TTL triggering and analog modulation to offer mS laser pulses.
  • Power control knob allows you to adjust laser power manually.
  • FC/PC or SMA-905 fiber coupler can couple these lasers to multimode optical fiber ( 50um,100um, 200um or 400um) with up to 90% coupling efficiency. 
Oscilloscope trace sample for TTL ( pulse width 1mS at 120Hz) modulation. 
Typical for 405nm, 450nm, 460nm, 470nm, 520nm, 635nm, 637nm and 640nm and other semiconductor ( direct diode)  lasers.
Channel 2: TTL signal input; Channel 1: laser pulse sampled by photo diode.
diode laser
Oscilloscope trace sample for TTL ( pulse width 10mS at 20Hz) modulation. 
Typical for 473nm, 532nm, 556nm, 561nm, 577nm, 589nm and 593.5nm and other DPSS ( diode pumped solid state ) lasers.
Channel 2: TTL signal input; Channel 1: laser pulse sampled by photo diode.
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